Too Hot

The weekend landed and so did the nice weather. It’s rare in the UK for the weekend to come along and also hit really nice weather but it’s happened and the temperature sored to a scorching 28°C. Too hot for some but for the others the beach was calling and I was also heading in the same direction. I would like to say that it was rich pickings for a street photographer shooting around a beach on a weekend like this but the truth was zeroing in on unique moments and details that caught my eye became a lot harder. Sometimes it can be nicer to shoot when there’s less going on to distract, other times I thrive on the hectic environment. I think it just depends on what mood I find myself in when shooting and possibly how much coffee I have drank!

Cleethorpes Seafront

Cleethorpes Seafront

Walking Clee

Working on a project requires dedication to the cause but that shouldn’t be seen as a laborious task, in fact if it’s something that you’re truly interested in then it’s part of what is enjoyable in your life. That’s not saying that there won’t be frustration but the pleasure will massively outweigh the pain. I find the joys and attraction to street photography are you never know what you are going to find. It’s a little like panning for gold at times; heading out to find something, having the drive and resilience to keep an open eye to situations. I find that images or scenes tend to happen in a very sporadic manor, they all seem to appear all at once or sometimes not at all. I don’t just say this because of my own experiences but also talking to many other photographers and looking at their working process. I also found looking at the Magnum Photos – Contact sheets book was also extremely insightful to the working process of those whom are considered the masters of photography. So I continue to walk the streets or in this case the seafront of my chosen location; Cleethorpes, in search of what is interesting.

I offer a handful of images that I have weeded out from my latest shoot and continue to pick out the successful photos from these visits to become part of my ongoing project – By the Sea.    


I do like to be beside the sea

I have been working on my new project looking at my surrounding area; the seaside ( ). I have always been drawn towards the coast as I’m sure many people are, it has a certain gravitation and as such proves to be a rich environment to photograph.

Not all the images that I shoot make it into my project but that doesn’t mean that I want to discard them, I simply have an idea of what I would like to include within my body of work. I still want to share some of the scenes that I find and obviously my blog is the perfect place to showcase them.