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London Street photography workshop

Workshop lead by Dan Baker & John Hughes

Develop your street photography passion on the busy streets of London with this workshop aimed at all levels of photographers from wanting to take the first few scary steps into working on the streets, to the veterans trying a few new things. 


We have a relaxed, yet structured day running through key aspects of street photography and producing dynamic images.

You will be taken through key learning of being a successful street shooter and exploring;

- What makes a street photograph and producing something unique

- Developing your own eye for a scene while understanding what draws your attention and how to build upon that

- Practicing different styles of street shooting

- Building confidence with tricks and tips to taking the photos you wished you’d dared to take

- Explore your own camera and maximise how you use it as a tool

- Understand some of the key legal and ethical aspects to shooting on the street

- Dealing with negative reactions and your positive style

- Learn how to become unseen on the street

- Developing your own style and the importance of authantisity

- Understand how a street photo is created with the most impact

- An in-depth look into light and how important different types of light effect your work


The workshop will run from 12pm - 6pm

£150 per person

spaces are limited*

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