Exploring avenues

So what have I been doing lately?

I’m always busy doing something photographic, having finished my first major project followed by releasing my first book (By The Sea), I’m now working on a few new ideas. I have quite naturally drifted into one new project that I’m currently fleshing out and shooting when I get opportunity; Street People (working title). As well as this I am very aware that to keep myself engaged and optimise my photography, I need to explore many avenues.

I have always been very inspired by a range of photography and other visual creative outlets and I’m now exploring several of these through my photographic practices. As many of you know, we have to try and fail at new things and I’m no stranger to this. So with that in mind I’m trying a few different things that you could loosely badge as ‘street photography’. I don’t feel at all confined to this as a title but I know many people feel the need for labels. I shoot what I enjoy and I enjoy producing images that work for my eye. Some of these are ‘pretty’ or aesthetically pleasing and some are not. I guess we all endeavour to produce images that strike some visually acceptable cord but this isn’t always the rout to produce the most impacting images. Other times producing images that have a subtler approach can be by far the most powerful.

I feel that many of the images I produce have a very similar aesthetic and sometimes that can be stifling when trying to produce something in a different ilk. I’m not saying I want to scrap this – not that I think I can at all. My style is something that I produce without thinking. It’s a baseline for how I work and even when I have tried to do something completely different, I often find myself circling back. So without dropping that, I need to produce something that gives me room to breath and also allows my images room to breath. I tend to work very up close to be subjects and most of my images tend to be in the middle of situations. I have decided to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. What this is and where it is taking me is still a journey I’m travelling (and very much enjoying the exploration. This is just one of the avenues I’m walking down but thought id share my thoughts.